What is the Classic?    

The Classic is a solo endurance event that is both physically and mentally demanding. The event is a BLODSLITET type orienteering event; a one-person relay where you do from 1 to 5 relay loops from a mass-start.

What is the Rogaine Team Explorer?    

The Team Explorer is a Rogaine and is for teams of two to five people who want to have an adventure and explore and see incredible scenery. There will be plenty of interesting control sites. Categories are included for school teams or corporate.

What do I need to bring?    

The Classic and the Team Explorer are endurance events, so it is highly recommended that you have access to food and water and electrolytes. For both the Classic and the Team Explorer it is suggested that you take ample food and water with you.

The race is on farmland and river flats but there is still plenty of opportunity for exposure to cold and windy conditions, so you need to be well prepared for the cold and wet.

And, this is a classic off-road event set sometimes in bush and forest. Running shorts and singlets are not sensible options, gaiters are recommended as well as off-road shoes with good grip.

Do I need to train?

If you want to win, yes! Many of the past Classic winners were well-performed international orienteering or rogaining representatives with oodles of offroad navigational experience. If you are an experienced marathoner, you will still need to have experience of off-road technical running to perform well. But, events like the Classic and other rogaines are the perfect venue to practise the skills of offroad navigation, whether you plan to put them to use for tramping or Adventure Racing.